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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Business Finance Store

From business to personal guarantees, from fixed loans to revolving credit, from government programs to conventional banks, lending is a puzzle. In fact it’s so much information that we require our underwriters to undergo over 300 hours of training (almost 3 months!) before they are allowed to complete our Business Finance Store Corporate Credit Rating reports. Each time someone is submitted for a review we analyze all of their information against our database of over 250 banks and nearly 1,300 different funding programs.
We spend all this time reviewing our clients’ situations because otherwise you risk denials, low funding amounts, and expensive interest rates. Setup the lending incorrectly and you jeopardize your personal assets such as your home, vehicles, and retirement accounts. With our vast knowledge of business law, banks, and lending programs we are able to get you money fast, at the best rates available, allowing you to focus on growing your business to what you want it to be.

Banking variables we track include:

Amount of Funding Available per Lender National, Regional, and Industry Specific Criteria Special Offers & Promo's (such as 0% interest rates), banks who work with clients in rough times when personal guarantees are removed, and how all personal credit criteria for lending (120+ criteria).

The bottom line is that our knowledge and experience gives us a distinctive advantage over people who try to do it themselves. With our help you will get the funding you need and have your business growing right away.

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