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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Franchises Under $50,000 and how to get the funding to begin.

The benefits of being part of a franchise are many (being part of an established brand, working within a proven method for running a business, etc), the downside of the cost is enough to make many people think twice before becoming a franchise owner. However, there are many franchises for $50k and we can provide the fundingWith that in mind, below are some of the more popular franchises that cost less than $50,000 to start.

American Swimming PoolA franchise that does pool maintenance and repair, equipment diagnostics and renovation, American Swimming Pool has a start-up cost starting at $49,200. It also requires that franchisees have $50,000 in cash, and has 44 franchisees.
Home HelpersFranchising since 1997, Home Helpers provides in-home personal assistants for seniors, new moms and people confined to home for medical reasons. With 681 franchises throughout the U.S., the franchise fee for Home Helpers can be as low as $36,900 with a total start-up investment as low as $49,500.
MaidProAnother cleaning and maintenance franchise, MaidPro requires $20,000 in cash and inventory as low as $18,709. Franchising since 1991, it has 101 franchisees throughout the country.
Whether your interest is dancing for fitness, working with children, or caring for the elderly, there’s a low cost franchise for almost any interest. While you research the different opportunities out there, be sure to talk to people who own the franchise that interests you the most. A franchise that’s based on a strong concept and offers innovative products or services may sound promising, but the franchisor that actively helps its franchisees to be successful are the ones that have a more promising future.
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